Big Differences Between IT Chapter 2 And Stephen King’s Novel

As hyped as IT chapter 1 was, IT chapter two has raised the hopes of the audience.

IT Chapter two has already hit the theatres and blown away the minds of the fans and other viewers. The mystery horror genre of the movie made the adrenaline junkies love it.

But when we compared this amazing movie with the novel itself, we found out 3 major differences. To know more about these, keep reading.

The murder of Adrian Mellon: In the Stephen king’s novel, Adrian Mellon’s assault and attempted murder by Webby Garton’s homophobic bully crew were straight-up influenced by the AIDS-fearing times in the 1980s. The attack on Adrian and the following police investigation dealt up Derry’s seedy undercurrent, rife with prejudice and the inherent ability to ignore the atrocities right in front of its face.

The Ritual Of Chüd: The Ritual Of Chüd does appear in Chapter 2 but the ritual is described in the novel very differently from what we see in the movie, mainly because it is quite strange, unique, mysterious and abstract. In the film, the (kids) Losers must split up and collect trinkets from their past so they can burn them, which makes a good excuse for them to have individual creepy encounters with Pennywise.

The Professions of the Losers: In Stephen king’s novel, Bill becomes a writer, Beverly grows up to be a fashion designer, Richie is an (RJ) radio DJ, Mike works as a librarian, Stan is an accountant, Eddie drives a limo, and Ben‘s an architect. Except for Mike, all of the Losers have achieved extreme success in their chosen professions. In the movie, however, Richie is a stand-up comedian — which makes sense given the updated time period — and Eddie is a risk-assessment analyst. The change to Eddie’s profession is certainly fitting given how a large part of Eddie’s characterization in both films is his extreme hypochondria and his constant cautioning of his friends away from what he perceives to be risky situations.