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Check Out The 5 Best Movies & Shows On Selena Gomez’s Birthday

Selena Gomez has recently turned 30 and to mark her special day, watch her best movies and tv shows of all time.

Selena Gomez turned 30 on July 22, 2022. However, the Grammy-nominated singer opened up about how ‘excited’ she is about stepping into a new decade. Selena revealed in January that she love growing up. When she was younger, she was scared of it and she thought that her life would look different when she grow up. The songstress was previously afraid of turning 30.

However, now she is thrilled. She shared in the interview, “I’ve stopped caring about what people have to say, and that’s been wonderful.” Selena Gomez, who was a child actor who appeared in Barney & Friends, got her official start as Alex Russo on the Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place. When the show went off the air in 2012, she hoped to get some bigger roles. One of Gomez’s first post-Disney roles was 2012’s controversial Spring Breakers, which costarred Gomez’s fellow Disney star Vanessa Hudgens and Pretty Little Liars’ Ashley Benson.

In the years since Gomez has established herself across many industries. Selena also produced some of the hit titles, including 13 Reasons Why and the docu-series Living Undocumented. One of her latest ones is a cooking show with Hulu titled Selena + Chef, which features the star learning to cook with chefs over a remote set-up. However, on Selena Gomez’s birthday, watch these best movies and shows of her!

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Only Murders In The Building
Selena Gomez starred as Mabel Mora in the comedy crime drama, Only Murders In The Building. Hulu has recently dropped new episodes of Only Murders In the Building season 2. Season 2 picks up right after that deadly finale, in which Mabel (Gomez) appears to kill Arconia building manager Bunny (Houdyshell) with her knitting needles. She and her podcasting buddies, Oliver (Short) and Charles (Martin) are then carted off by the police.

Wizards of Waverly Place
Selena got fame from the Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place. The Disney series follows three teenage wizards-in-training siblings, Alex, Justin and Max Russo, living in an apartment on Waverly Place in Greenwich Village, Manhattan. Their father Jerry Russo, a former wizard, provides his children with daily lessons in their secret lair on how to use magic responsibly. Wizards of Waverly Place is available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar.

The Fundamentals of Caring
Selena Gomez draws attention even in supporting roles. She does the same in underappreciated drama, The Fundamentals of Caring, which is about two men, one adult, and one teenager who become friends even though they’re very different.

Selena Gomez is not only the best actress but also a great singer. She showed her both talents together in the 2014 musical movie Rudderless. The movie centres around a man named Sam whose son Josh suddenly dies. Mourning the death of his son, Sam falls into the trap of being in a perpetual state of drunkenness. But when he accidentally learns that his son wanted to be a musician, his own life finds a purpose.

Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo follows two best friends, Grace (Selena Gomez) and Emma (Katie Cassidy), who quit their waitress jobs in small-town Texas and head to Paris for a summer adventure, accompanied by Grace’s stepsister, Meg (Leighton Meester). The prepackaged tour fails to meet their expectations, however, and soon their spirits sag. But, when Grace is mistaken for a British socialite, she and her companions head to Monte Carlo to enjoy a week of yacht parties and cute bachelors, then the real Cordelia arrives. You can stream Monte Carlo on Amazon Prime Video.

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