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Best Moments From Friends Reunion Special On HBO Max

Finally much awaited reunion special episode of most loved and iconic hit American sitcom Friends is out now and so these are best moments from Friends reunion special episode.

The moment all fans, fanatics, netizens and twitteratis were waiting for is finally here since the much awaited Friends reunion special episode has been dropped today itself on HBO Max and now we take a look at best moments from Friends reunion special on HBO Max.

An entire year later now, finally the episode is available for watching to all the fans who have grown up watching the iconic and globally loved American sitcom (Friends, 1994 – 2004, NBC) and evoking the nostalgia, let’s take a glance at best moments from Friends reunion special on HBO Max.

In this reunion special episode, we can see the entire cast of the show which is Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer reconnect with each other on the actual set of the show as they recreated most iconic scenes, fondly recalled their old days and also played a few silly games with each other and which is why we bring the best moments from Friends reunion special on HBO Max.

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1. The Cast arriving on sets – We could have genuinely watched 2 hours of the entire main cast meeting and greeting one another along with sharing their most memorable memories as they wandered around the totally recreated set of their iconic show and honestly even without the gimmicks and James Corden Interview, we would have loved watching just old friends teasing each other, pulling each other’s leg, rubbing one another for writing their lines on Kitchen table, and also revisiting those iconic chairs.

2. The Quiz – David Schwimmer coming back into his role of Ross mode as a quiz master which had the questions from the iconic quiz famous episode ‘The one with the embryos’ and also new questions designed especially for the reunion wherein Matt Leblanc just knew which hands belonged to the person that actually essayed role of his hand twin Thomas Lennon, and both Mr. Heckles (Larry Hankin) and Richard (Tom Selleck) who appeared after the cast had to identify their voices.

Even Ross’ ill-advised barbershop quartet returned to serenade Rachel once again which was another highlight of the reunion special but best part was when no one and not even Matthew Perry ever got an idea of what Chandler’s actual job was.

3. The Fashion Show – Cherry on top of the cake was when biggest American global pop star Justin Bieber came in dressed into Ross’s Spudnick costume on any Bingo card and Cara Delevigne totally rocking that Holiday Armadillo.

4. Jen and David’s big confession – We certainly didn’t expect biggest disclosure of how Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer admitted and confessed about loving each other during first season of Friends but also claimed that nothing ever really happened between them since timing was not proper and their first kiss was one they both shared on screen and best thing was when Matt LeBlanc yelled and shouted “Bulls–t!” after they claimed they ‘never crossed that boundary’, but he said he was just kidding.

5. David Schwimmer hated Marcel – It turned out that Ross never really like his monkey that much and David explained that how the monkey whose real name was Katie had to eat live grub which would all get over her tiny little monkey hands before she climbed onto Ross’s shoulders and hang on to his chair.

6. The one with Joey’s injury – The entire cast sat down to watch the specific part in the episode of ‘The One Where No One’s Ready’ where Joey jumps into the chair that he and Chandler are fighting over. On the fourth take of the jump, LeBlanc dislocated his shoulder and post watching the entire part where Joey’s injury happened, Jennifer Aniston panicked whole time.

7. The Bug – David’s story of choosing to come back to television for the Friends pilot got halted in between and never continued further when Lisa Kudrow started shouting about a bug where she squealed until it was gone further also squealing loudly on a piece of fuzz and we couldn’t hear about David’s career decisions.

8. The one where everyone finds out – While entire cast easily slipped into their characters whenever necessary, but certainly it was Phoebe who seemed to play her part more effortlessly when Kudrow took over the scene wherein Phoebe saw Chandler and Monica do it against the window and matched her original panicked performance with finesse and perfection.

9. Lady Gaga singing smelly cat – Lady Gaga dressed in Phoebe cosplay costume suddenly came in to help Phoebe sing her classic tune about smelly cat which was adorable but Lisa wasn’t wrong when she whispered that the song is better with only Phoebe.

10. The Bloopers – Friends did have some really funny and hilarious yet iconic bloopers so it was heartwarming moment to see the entire Friends cast who are also bestfriends in real life laugh with each other whilst watching it together back to back.

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