Ben Affleck Has High Hopes From ‘Air’; Chris Tucker Has A Huge Jordan Collection!!

The shoe industry is one of the most trending and fast-growing in the world and Nike is one such shoe brand that gave sports another recognition. Today Ben Affleck has a big day as his directorial debut ‘Air’ is about to hit screens today in LA. The actor and director was spotted with his wife and singer Jennifer Lopez today at the screening of ‘Air’.

Air Premiere Today In L.A.

The actor was questioned at the premiere that he might be feeling the pressure as it was premiered at Southwest Film & TV Festival in Austin some people know his art but this is his first premier in the entire country so he must be a little in tension and people loved it. The actor replied- “I want this movie to be liked by all and is nakedly made to be liked by crowds, that is brought and commercialized. I want to make people happy. I want such movies to be made which are more character friendly and dramatic.”

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Michael Jordan had a major play in Nike’s success, so the actor was asked if Jordan love it or if he showed him; the actor said-“I have kept my lips sealed about Michael Jordan seeing or liking this movie; you have to ask him about it”

Actor Chris Tucker who plays Howard White in the movie was also seen in the premier and was questioned about the sneaker collection that he had the actor replied- “I have a lot of Jordans, they got me hooked up with Jordans Brand, and I’m a sneakerhead now and I saved my first collection of Jordan’s in 1989. I have approx 60 sneakers.”

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Talking about the movie and the behind-the-shots, the actor said- “It was great!! I was like making a movie in the backyard, in your house; it was like two guys creating something and was a lot of fun”. Air is set to release on 5 April in theatres.

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