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Bella Thorne Confirms She Splits With Fiancé Benjamin Mascolo

Following speculations that the pair had broken up, Bella Thorne confirmed the split rumours in an Instagram Story.

Bella Thorne has been dating Benjamin Mascolo for quite some time now. The couple also got engaged last year but it looks like their relationship didn’t last very long since Thorne revealed that they split recently. Over a year ago, Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo announced their engagement.

The pair had decided to call it quits earlier this week, according to sources. Benjamin himself revealed the separation in a social media post. Bella has finally spoken up about the situation. Thorne posted a photo of herself on Instagram Story and requested privacy while going through the split. After meeting on Instagram and falling in love at Coachella in 2019, the 24-year-old actor and 28-year-old Italian singer were together for three years.

Mascolo proposed in March 2021 with a pear-shaped diamond ring and released the engagement images on Instagram after what appeared to be a long-distance relationship. Following speculations that the pair had broken up on June 2, Thorne confirmed the split rumours in an Instagram Story on June 3. The actress shared on Instagram, “I broke up with ben [sic] for my owns [sic] reasons please stop asking this is a personal matter.”

Mascolo wrote on his Twitter account, “Please respect her space.” Mascolo wished her the best in a lengthy letter posted on Instagram on June 2 and stated he “will always be there for her.” The couple’s romance is lived on in ‘Time Is Up,’ the film in which they co-starred. Mascolo proposed on-set with a love note written on the back of their screenplay since the movie meant so much to them.

Thorne, 24, has spent her whole life in the spotlight, having made her first film at the age of six. She was co-starring in her own show, the Disney Channel’s Shake It Up with Zendaya by the time she was a teenager. In a February 2021 interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK, she expressed her dissatisfaction and the belief that she shouldn’t be permitted to keep certain things secret if she’s open about others on social media.

Thorne explained during the 2021 interview, “You can’t f win. If I get rid of social media, it means they’ve won. I just have to keep being myself even if it gets me in trouble. I have to stay myself. We view women as objects, so when you’re a female celebrity, it’s double because we also view celebrities as objects. The Britney documentary is a good reference.”

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