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Batman Voice Actor Kevin Conroy Passes Away At 66

Hollywood actor Kevin Conroy, who voiced Batman in “Batman: The Animated Series" passed away at 66 after battling with cancer.

Hollywood actor Kevin Conroy was the defining voice of the famous animated series character Batman. After battling with cancer Kevin passed away on 10th November at of 66 years. Many celebrities from the Hollywood industry grieved the loss as they offered their condolences.

For the unversed, actor Kevin Conroy was the voice of Batman in the acclaimed animated series which started in the year 1992 till 1996. As per the reports, Kevin Conroy was suffering from cancer, the actor was 66 years old.

Announcing his demise, Mark Hamill’s paid an emotional tribute to Kevin Conroy. Hamill said in a statement, “For several generations, he has been the definitive Batman,”. He added, “It was one of those perfect scenarios where they got the exact right guy for the right part, and the world was better for it.”. Hamill said, “He will always be my Batman,”

Apart from Mark Hamill, Batman animated series producer Paul Dini also shared his response to Kevin Conroy’s demise, he said, “Kevin brought a light with him everywhere, whether in the recording booth giving it his all or feeding first-responders during 9/11 or making sure every fan who ever waited for him had a moment with their Batman,”

DC Comics wrote, “DC is deeply saddened at the passing of Kevin Conroy, a legendary actor and the voice of Batman for multiple generations. He will be forever missed by his friends, family, and fans.”

About Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy made his debut in the industry in the year 1992 with Temstocles Lopez’s romantic drama Chain of Desire, Kevin also wrote and directed the series. Apart from Batman Kevin also contributed his skills to franchises like Masters of the Universe and Scooby-Doo. Kevin Conroy was born in Westbury, New York, in November 1955. Kevin then started studying acting at The Julliard School. Kevin is survived by his husband Vaughn C. Williams, sister Trisha Conroy and brother Tom Conroy.

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