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Artem Chigvinstev Expresses His Views On Parenthood After Welcoming His First Child

Artem Chigvinstev has spilled the beans on parenthood after he welcomed his first child with WWE star Nikki Bella. Read below to know more.

WWE star Nikki Bella and her fiancé Artem Chigvenstev are on cloud nine after welcoming their first child. The couple welcomed a son on July 31, 2020, and named him Matteo. After their son’s birth, Artem and Nikki even shared adorable family pictures on their social media platforms. The mushy pictures left their fans gushing. Being a parent for the first time is a tough job, thus Artem Chigvinstev spills the beans on parenthood and how he and Nikki are learning every day.

Speaking of parenthood, Artem said that they were supposed to take classes and stuff, but due to the coronavirus pandemic they had to scrape the plan. Further he confesses that they are not prepared as they wanted to be.

Poking fun in the conversation, Chigvenstev even adds that sometimes he couldn’t believe that he is a dad. The feeling of being a father is sometimes ecstatic to him.

Artem Chigvenstev said, “I still can’t believe he is mine. It’s always hard to leave him [while filming season 29 of Dancing With the Stars], especially when he is being super cuddly and smiling and all happy. He’s been amazing. … I just want to make him proud. I’m doing it for him.”

Recently, Nikki Bella decided to congratulate Artem in a special way on his return to Dancing With The Stars.

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Taking to her social media handle, the Total Bella stars sent the best wishes to Artem. From cradling the baby bump to Artem’s jaw-dropping shirtless picture, Nikki shared some cherished memories. She even congratulated the new-dad on behalf of the little one.

Meanwhile, Artem Chigvinstev and Nikki Bella are embracing parenthood with grace.

Speaking of being parents, no matter what views Artem Chigvinstev has on parenthood, he is surely being a good father to his new-born son, Matteo.

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