Arrowverse and All the Series Inside It

Here are all the series’ included in the Arrowverse franchise.

Arrowverse is an American media franchise, about some fictional multiverse theory. This franchise is centered on various web shows airing on The CW. The following are the series included in the Arrowverse franchise.

1) Arrow: The franchise is named starting with this series. Arrow is a story about a billionaire (Oliver Queen) playboy turned vigilante(Green Arrow). The show premiered in 2013 and after 8 successful seasons will end in this running year.

2) Flash: The next series in the franchise in The Flash. CSI Barry Allen becomes a superfast speedster after being hit by a particle accelerator explosion. Flash is a typical sci-fi with a speedster running around the city saving the lives of normal people from other metahumans. The show aired in 2014 and is still running.

3) Legends of Tomorrow: A show about a team assembled by time traveler Rip Hunter, to kill an immortal evil Vandal Savage. The team together is called the Legends who travel through time and avoid any changes happening in the timeline. The show premiered in 2016.

4) Supergirl: Kara Zor-el aka Kara Danvers is Superman’s cousin, who accepts her powers and saves the world from intergalactic and other problems as Supergirl. Supergirl premiered in 2015.

5) Batwoman: After 3 years of Batman disappearing from Gotham. Kate Kane, Bruce Wayne’s cousin, learns about Bruce Wayne’s reality of being the Batman. Kate takes on Bruce’s responsibility and hunts down problems in the Gotham city.

We suggest you start watching all these series’ from the Arrowverse franchise.