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Ariana Grande’s Life Threatened By A Crazy Stalker – Know More

Ariana Grande's life is threatened by a crazy stalker Aharon Brown , he puts Ariana at knife-point and says, "I'll F****g kill you..."

Ariana Grande has recently revealed a horrifying incident where a stalker threatened her security guards by pulling a knife on them and got arrested recently. From this incident, it seems like being a global celebrity doesn’t come easy.

The stalker has been threatening her for months and giving threats of killing her for quite a long time.

According to TMZ, a guy named Aharon Brown was Ariana Grande’s stalker and has been threatening to kill her for more than seven months. But things shoot up on September 9, 2021, when the pop star was alone at home and she needed to call the police.

Ariana Grande revealed that the stalker showed up with a large hunting knife at her house and started terrorising the security guards. When the security guards asked him to leave, he started screaming and said, “I’ll f***g kill you and her.” Additionally, Brown was warned by the police multiple times and was finally fled on foot and taken into custody immediately after.

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TMZ also reported the declaration of an enforcement officer. The declaration states that she “feared the alleged stalker would be released from jail and therefore the restraining order is essential.”

The pop star declaration reads, “I am fearful for my safety and the safety of my family. I fear that absent a restraining order, Mr. Brown will continue to come to my home and attempt to physically harm or murder me or members of my family.” However, Arahon Brown is in police custody and is charged with two felonies including making criminal threats.

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