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Anne Hathaway On Challenges She Faced As A Mother Amid The Pandemic

Anne Hathaway candidly speaks about the challenges she faced as a mother amid the on-going pandemic. Watch the video below.

Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway is among the most brilliant actors in the entertainment industry. Apart from being a world-renowned actress, she is also a dedicated mother. For the unknown, Hathaway is a mother to two sons- Jonathan and Jack. She has them with her husband Adam Shulman. In a recent interview with a magazine, Anne Hathaway spoke about the challenges she faced as a mother amid the pandemic.

The 38-year old in her recent interaction with a magazine spoke about motherhood and other aspects. During the interview, Anne Hathaway candidly spilled the beans on the challenges she faced as a mother during the pandemic.

Speaking of her biggest challenge, Hathaway said that it was laundry. Furthermore, she also adds how being a mother has provided her with tonnes of opportunities.

Explaining herself, Anne Hathaway said, “I’m always hesitant to frame things in the realm of challenges because I think it sets a tone. As a mum, I’ve found tonnes of opportunities.”

The actress went on to say that there’s obviously a learning curve and you have to be kind to yourself. Anne said, “You just have to be kind to yourself with that because you do feel like you’re doing everything wrong, especially in the early days. But it’s more than just a challenge.”

Revealing the lesson the pandemic taught her, Anne said, “The way we live and love is what we’ll be remembered by.”

Anne Hathaway welcomed her second child last year while her elder son was 3 years old. Around last year, while expecting her second baby, the actress also gave some extra love. It was for the women struggling with infertility.

Speaking of the same, in her interview with The Associated Press, Anne spilled beans on conceiving her second child. She said, “I just didn’t wave a magic wand and conceive. It’s more complicated than that.”

Well, seems like the mother of two now has her hands full while at home but still embraces motherhood with grace.

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