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Amy Schumer Mocks Kim’s Body Wear Collection says ‘Yeezy’

Amy Schumer made fun of the SKIMS collection from Kim Kardashian by fitting into a similar look while claiming to be dressed for the runway!

Kim Kardashian posted some photos to support the re-stock of her line of Fits Everybody SKIMS that has sizes ranging from XS to 4X.

And the 39-year-old TV icon shared another seductive photograph on Thursday, this time in undies and a nude bra.

It comes after the mother-of-four used SKIMS to laugh at Amy Schumer’s spoof of Kanye West‘s brand Yeezy.

Kim looked toned with a tiny waistline in her latest snap that had her in a top bra and briefs rising on the thighs. The caption read,’ ‘Designed with ultra-soft buttery fabric.’

 ’That’s fun timing: Kim had just posted on the parody of Amy Schumer.

I love her LOL!!!! To get some laughs from her friends, Kim said after Amy ridiculed Yeezy and Skims. Amy took to social media on Wednesday. She said in her caption that the I Feel Beautiful actress seemed moody as she put on a’ Yeezy ‘n the caption ‘Yeezy, @kimkardashian @skims. I am here and I will walk the runway,’ Yeezy and @kimkardashian @skims. I’m here and I’m going to walk the runway,’ noted the mom-of-one.

In what has become a staple style from Kim and Kanye, the blonde comedienne had on a V-neck T-shirt leotard over a set of beige bike shorts.

Amy looks like she shed all her baby fat because of her the waistline was slender and her thighs were toned.

In 2018 the 38-year-old beauty welcomed her son Gene Attell Fischer and husband Chris Fischer.

For their designs featuring soft beige underwear, Schumer tended to mock Yeezy creator Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian.

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