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Amidst Military Conscription Reports, RM Delivers Emotional Speech At TMA’s

Amidst reports about military conscription, BTS group leader RM aka Kim Namjoon leaves the army teary-eyed with his speech.

Apparently, there have been reports that the Korean pop band BTS might face military conscription in the near future. Although it still hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the news has definitely left the fans upset. Amidst all the ongoing rumors, BTS leader RM recently gave a heartwarming speech at the Fact Music Awards which left the fans in awe.

RM Delivers Emotional Speech At TMA’s

Indirectly addressing the reports of military enlistment, BTS leader RM aka Kim Namjoon said, “It has been a long time since we’ve been to award ceremonies like this. We met countless cool artists who were here with us today, but we are not sure if we have been cooler artists or have had better promotions than they’ve had this year. Which is why I feel really apologetic.”

He added, “However, because we have worked hard for these 10 years, we feel the fact that we’re even able to think about this is due to the huge amount of love we’ve received throughout these years and our gratitude and sincerity is shown. We wish that we could talk about many things through our style, like we usually do and always have done. But right now, we are unable to do so. Once more things are sorted out, we will be able to convey our true selves to you like we always have.” 

BTS To Face Possible Military Conscription

The topic of conscripting BTS for the military has often remained in the headlines, and due to the same many fans of the famous group have often shared their take on the same. However, it has still not been confirmed whether the 7 members of the musical band will be serving in the military.

Following the same, in 2020, exceptions were made for BTS members to delay their service until they were 30, however, it is now believed that all 7 members of the group might just have to serve the military in the upcoming year. As per a report of the news agency AP, Military Manpower Administration commissioner, Lee Ki Sik has told the lawmakers on October 7 that it’s “desirable” for members of the Kpop group, BTS, to fulfill their military duties to ensure fairness in the country’s military service.

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