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Amber Heard Unable To Pay $15 Million In Johnny Depp Defamation Case

After losing her defamation case against Johnny Depp, Amber Heard was ordered to pay $15 million but she might just go bankrupt in order to pay such a huge amount.

Amber Heard and her legal team were taken aback by the large sum of money Amber has been ordered to pay. Elaine Charlson Bredehoft, one of Heard’s legal counsel, appeared on Today to discuss the matter. She believes that social media had a significant impact on the jury’s decision and that Amber Heard will appeal the decision.

However, Bredehoft inquired if Amber Heard will be able to pay the amount and her answer was quick and to the point. She clearly said that Amber heard will be unable to pay her debt. “Oh, no. Absolutely not,” she said.

According to Bredehoft, the jury’s decision was also influenced by a UK ruling that declared Johnny Depp a domestic abuser. The opposing argument is that the case involved a different defendant and was tried under the laws of a different country. Despite this, Amber Heard’s legal team attempted to get those facts admitted as evidence, but they were turned down.

In fact, Amber Heard has recently gone broke due to her lavish spending. According to insiders who spoke to New York Post, the Aquaman actress is running out of cash because of her legal battle with Johnny Depp. One of the sources blamed it on Heard’s lavish spending on trips, clothes, gifts and alcohol. Also, according to many other sources, the 36-year-old actress had to switch legal representatives and is depending on her homeowner’s insurance policy to cover the cost of her current attorneys in the litigation.

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Under the terms of Heard’s insurance coverage, the Travelers Companies covered the majority of her attorney’s fees. Throughout Heard’s trial in Fairfax, Virginia, Pamela Johnson, a vice president of the insurance business, was seen in court with her multiple times.

As per legal experts, using a homeowner’s insurance policy in defamation trials is quite typical. While the insurance company employs and pays the attorney, most plans do not cover judgement expenses, according to Virginia lawyer Jeremiah Denton. The reps for Heard and Bredehoft did not respond to The New York Post’s request for comment on the star’s financial situation.

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