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Allen Garfield Passes Away Of COVID-19 Complications

Hollywood Allen Garfield passes away at the age of 80 after struggling with COVID-19 complications. Read below to know more.

Nashville star Allen Garfield passed away at the age of 80 after being diagnosed with COVID-19 infection. Garfield’s Nashville co-star Ronee Blakely shared the sad news of Garfield’s death in a Facebook post.

Blakely wrote, RIP Allen Garfield, the great actor who played my husband in ‘Nashville’, has died today of Covid; I hang my head in tears; condolences to family and friends; I will post more later; cast and crew, sending love.”

For the unversed, Allen Garfield was an amateur boxer and worked as a sports reporter before becoming an actor.

Allen Garfield had studied at the Actors Studio in New York with Elia Kazan and Lee Strasberg. Post his studies, he made his debut in 1986 in a feature film ‘Orgy Girls ’69’.

He is best known for playing corrupt and villainous men of authority such as businessmen or politicians.

Garfield also collaborated with directors such as Woody Allen on ‘Bananas’, ‘A State Of Things’, ‘The Cotton Club’, ‘Until The End Of The World’ and much more noteworthy films.

He was last seen in ‘Chef Zabu’ released in 2016 interestingly that film was shot in 1986.

The film fraternity currently mourns on the death of a credible actor and are sending condolences to his family.

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