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All reasons to watch El Camino:A Breaking Bad Movie

Here are all the right reasons why you watch the latest Netflix Movie Al Camino: Breaking Bad Movie.

Netflix has released the Breaking Bad spinoff Movie named El Camino: The Breaking Bad Movie. The movie released on October 15, 2019 on the Netflix platform. The movie has excited a lot of people, mostly those who followed the whole American series Breaking Bad. 

El Camino is the movie that we would definitely watch for the following reasons.

Aaron Paul will be continuing his character as Jesse Pinkman, the meth cook who partnered Walter White in the Breaking Bad series. He will be supported by an amazing cast like Jesse Plemons, Kryslen Ritter, Charles Baker, Matt Jones, Scott MacArthur, Scott Shepherd, Tom Bowler, and many other stars some in lead roles while some in a supporting portrayal.

The plot of the movie focusses on the life of Jesse Pinkman who is on a run after the events that occurred in the finale of Breaking Bad, Jesse is running away from being hunted down by the police following him. A group names neo-Nazi is trying to force Jesse in cooking the meth for them.

The excitement about what happened with Jesse after the series ended in 2013 will be fulfilled as the writers have tried to match the movie to the expectations of the audience.

If you have watched the whole Breaking Bad series, I bet you won’t miss the El Camino: Breaking Bad movie.

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