After Suga, BTS Members RM And Jin Tests Positive For COVID-19

BTS members RM and Jin both completed the doses of COVID-19 vaccinations in August.

A day after fellow boy band member Suga was diagnosed with COVID-19, BTS members RM and Jin have tested positive. The management company for the popular K-pop music group Big Hit Music has recently announced in a statement that RM and Jin also tested positive.

The official statement reads, “After returning on Friday the 17th from the United States following his personal schedule as part of his official vacation period, RM immediately underwent PCR testing, was found negative, and entered into self-quarantine in his home as mandated by COVID-19 control procedures.” “However, he underwent PCR testing on Saturday before his scheduled release from quarantine and was found to be positive for COVID-19,” the statement continues.

Big Hit’s official statement continues, “Jin returned to Korea on Monday, December 6, and underwent PCR testing immediately after his return and again before his release from self-quarantine, and was found negative on both occasions.” “However, feeling flu-like symptoms Saturday afternoon he underwent PCR testing and was found positive for COVID-19 late this evening.”

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RM and Jin both completed both the doses of COVID-19 vaccinations in late August, Big Hit Music noted. The agency also said that neither RM nor Jin “had any contact” with other members of BTS after their return to Korea. Earlier in the week, Big Hit Music announced that BTS member Suga, 28, tested positive for COVID-19 on Christmas Eve after returning to South Korea from the U.S.

However, the news of the three members’ positive COVID-19 test results comes after BTS announced that it would be taking a break from the music scene earlier this month. Big Hit Music announced in a statement on Twitter that Suga, RM, Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, Jimin, and V, would be taking “a second official extended period of rest” and won’t be performing.