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Adele Recalls Being ‘Devasted’ By Divorce

Adele has described her battles with anxiety and depression, admitting she was left bedbound and struggling with her mental health in the middle of her divorce from Simon Konecki.

The Easy On Me singer opened about her mental health struggles amid her split from Simon Konecki. In an interview with Rolling Stone, she revealed that how her body and mind overhaul came when gluten intolerance contributed to her depression.

Explaining her battle to get out of bed, during which she simply lay watching The Sopranos despite knowing she needed to stay busy, she said Rolling Stone magazine, “Anything that could soothe my anxiety, I threw myself in headfirst. I traveled anywhere where there’s meant to be brilliant energy.” In addition to travel, Adele stopped drinking for six months to ease ‘hangxiety’ (a term given for the negative feelings to one’s mental health in the wake of drinking).

Adele’s split from Simon, who she wed in 2011 and with whom she shares son Angelo, nine, came to light on Good Friday 2019 and it was then she began battling her pains. She further detailed her experience including the time when she struggled with the intensity of the reveal and wound up spending increasing time alone due to joint custody. However, the joint custody leads to her nights alone without Angelo in the house.

Moreover, Adele revealed that when she celebrated her 31st birthday in May 2019 with friends, she was feeling positive, however, the next day things hit her harder. She said, “I remember going upstairs, and doing my face, and getting into bed. I felt quite hopeful. It was the first time I felt I’d had a really nice evening and I was OK being in the house and going to bed on my own.”

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The star has made headlines in recent months for her dramatic body transformation. Adele admitted in her interview that she became addicted to the gym. She described, “If I can transform my strength and my body like this, surely I can do it to my emotions and to my brain and to my inner well-being. That was what drove me. It just coincided with all of the emotional work that I was doing with myself as a visual for it, basically.”

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