Adele Calls Taylor Swift The Greatest Songwriters Of Our Generation

Adele gushed about her close friend Taylor Swift and admitted that she hadn't heard Midnights because of her busy schedule.

Adele and Taylor Swift are longtime close friends. However, Adele has recently gushed over Taylor Swift and called her ‘one of the greatest songwriters of our generation’ as she showed her support for the singer’s 10th studio album. The Hello hitmaker praised Taylor for her songwriting talents as she spoke at Happy Hour With Adele, a fan event celebrating the release of her music video for I Drink Wine.

During the fan event, Adele was asked if she had listened to Taylor’s new album Midnights. replying to that Adele admitted that she hadn’t because she had been busy with 12-hour rehearsals each day. However, she lauded her close friend as ‘one of the greatest songwriters of our generation’ as she showed her support for Taylor’s record-breaking songs.

While admitting that she hadn’t listened to Midnight yet, Adele said, “I haven’t, but the only reason is ’cause I’ve been in rehearsals for, like, 12 hours a f**king day, I’m sick and tired of anything musical.” The singer continues, “But I think Taylor’s one of the greatest songwriters of our generation, so I will definitely give it a listen. I loved the two in Covid very, very much, and I think she’s fun, she makes a release fun!”

Adele’s latest comments come as Taylor’s new album became the first album in Nielsen history to sell more than 500,000 copies in its first week. The singer-songwriter released Midnights on October 21, and Billboard reported the album has already become a record-breaker. Billboard also cited statistics from the music data company Luminate, which claims that Swift sold the equivalent of 1.4 million album units in its first five days.

Moreover, Taylor Swit’s latest album Midnights’ 1.4 million equivalent units sold is the most an album has sold in its debut week since Adele’s 25 came out in 2015. 25 sold 3.482 million equivalent records in its first week in 2015. There are 20 songs on Midnights’ deluxe edition, which have been streamed 423 million on-demand streams. The numbers are for both audio and video streams.

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Credit: Official YouTube Channel Of Taylor Swift