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5 Times The Iconic Show Friends Successfully Defied Social Norms

For fans of the hit sitcom series Friends who have been awaiting the reunion special episode, 5 times when the iconic show Friends successfully defied social norms.

We all literally love the huge iconic mega hit sitcom Friends and are really thrilled for much awaited Friends reunion special which will be streaming on 27th May at HBO Max. If you are an ardent fan, then all fans and audiences might have seen how the show Friends was way ahead of its time and also defied various social norms and so before the big reunion special episode, for fans here are 5 times the iconic show Friends successfully defied social norms.

We all literally love the bonding and the tight knit friendship and bonding between Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), Monica Geller (Courteney Cox), Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow), Joey Tribbiani (Matt Leblanc), Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) and Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) both on screen and off screen has time and again given all the ardent fans of ‘Friends’ friendship goals and much more and so taking trip down memory lane, 5 times the iconic show Friends successfully defied social norms.

Now here we are taking a thorough glance at 5 times the iconic show Friends successfully defied social norms.

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1. Phoebe followed her own rhythm – In the entire group of the closely knitted people, Phoebe Buffay always did what she felt was right and correct which was different compared to rest and in other words, she did go with beats of different drum like how she acted independently checkmating Ross in his attempt of convincing her about evolution and also resisted pottery barn for a long time as she didn’t like her stuff to be mass produced at all.

2. Adoption – After struggling with infertility as a couple, both Monica and Chandler decided to adopt a babygirl whose mother was a young girl named Erica who had put her baby for adoption as she didn’t have adequate means to care for them and here Bing’s real life struggles in adoption journey have been portrayed beautifully where Monica and Chandler met with adoptive parents Bill and Colleen to familiarize themselves with process.

3. Sharing Wedding Expenses – The show set a positive example by having both Jack and Judy pay for half of Ross’s wedding to Emily since its no longer acceptable and mandatory for only bride’s parents to bear entire cost of the wedding.

4. Surrogate motherhood – Phoebe’s friends and her birth mother were initially reluctant and hesitant about her agreeing to be a surrogate mother for Frank and Alice’s baby and she defended herself by saying that gift of life was one of the greatest gifts of all and all advised her to think it through but nonetheless, they supported her and loved her.

Also, we can now feel how Phoebe did the greatest thing ever by helping her brother and sister in law, Frank and Alice have children and even though her body went through many changes and a lot, but in end she happily gave the triplets away to them.

5. Workplace Segregation – Friends season 4’s ‘The one with Phoebe’s uterus’ was indeed an eye opening episode since this one went beyond the groups dynamics by showing and emphasizing on conflicts in workplace. During Joey’s stint as a tour guide in Ross’s museum, he realized and also saw how scientists and tour guides couldn’t have lunch together due to workplace segregation and then Ross finally drew everyone’s attention to the unacceptable nature of the division as he invited Joey to sit down with him and told everyone to break down these barriers.

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