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5 Scariest Movies To Stream This Weekend

These Netflix movies are enough to shiver down your spine and give you nightmares.

The weekend is here and you may be wondering to stream something new. As we all already know that the Halloween season is upon us. So we are here with a guide to the scariest offerings on Netflix. Check out the best 5 horror Netflix movies below.

Veronica (2017)
Filmmaker Paco Plaza caused a stir in 2017 when his horror movie Veronica became a viral sensation on Netflix. The film is a fictional account of a so-called true story which occurred in Madrid in 1991, where a young woman died suddenly a few months after using her Ouija board. In Plaza’s film, a teenage girl tries to make contact with her dead dad using a Ouija board during a solar eclipse. The girl’s friends join her, but soon all three realize that their plan to reach the dead has had horrific consequences. Social media flared up in 2017 when the film hit streaming, with many subscribers saying they had to turn off the movie midway through its runtime because it was just too terrifying.

The Conjuring (2013)
You will rarely find a contemporary horror film dedicated to genuinely scaring you instead of making you laugh ironically, recoil in disgust, or react with politically fueled anger. But James Wan’s The Conjuring is entirely dedicated to terrifying you. The plot moves around an old-school haunted house where practical effects, dread-inducing long takes, and the sheer torment on his expert cast’s faces are enough to send a shiver down your spine and give you nightmares.

Cargo (2019)
This Netflix horror tackles Zombies, environmentalism, and colonialism. Martin Freeman tries to protect his daughter from a zombie outbreak in Cargo. Cargo also explores parenting under unique apocalyptic circumstances.

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Fear Street (2021)
The kitschy genius of Leigh Janiak’s Fear Street trilogy is an adaption for Netflix from R.L. Stine’s young adult horror books of the same name. Each of its three chapters offers its own full-tilt throwback at the same time as they all bleed together into a wholly modern story. The story is a frothy but fanged tale of cursed outsiders, cyclical violence, power-mad white men, and virtually every other evil that seems top of mind these days. Fear Street includes plenty of the moment in its subject matter, but even more so in its construction.

The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018)
The Strangers: Prey at Night is a sequel of The Strangers. It took a decade for writer-director Bryan Bertino to release a sequel to his cult favorite The Strangers, but the follow-up movie was surely worth the wait. Helmed by 47 Meters Down director Johannes Roberts, is juiced up with clever kills, a throwback soundtrack, and a unique new setting, Roberts’ film makes the case that horror franchises aren’t dead yet, they just need some new blood.

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