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5 Comic Characters Who Have Suffered From Cancer!

Did you know that these 5 comic book characters suffered from Cancer? Yes, you heard that right.

While Cancer was one of the rarest diseases which happened to 10 people out of 100, it’s the most common disease nowadays. Changing lifestyle or whatever you say it, but Cancer has been strucking every person.

But did you know that these 5 comic book characters suffered from Cancer? Yes, you heard that right.

Here’s a list of such 5 of your favorite comic characters that suffered from Cancer.

1. Captain Marvel: The fact that Captain Marvel was never resurrected, making him one of the rare major characters who stayed dead and thus underlining the terrible sense of cancer’s finality.

2. Venom: Eddie Brock tried to auction off the Venom symbiote in Marvel Knights Spider-Man, Vol. 2: Venomous and donate the money to a charity. The heroic moment came at his lowest moment as he was wasting away with cancer (which he had for a long time but which the symbiote once protected him from) in Sensational Spider-Man #38-39.

3. Superman: This Man of Steel who has done many acts of goodness, gave his body to Cancer. Luthor overcharged Superman with so much solar power that his body couldn’t absorb it all, causing him to have a cancer-like disease.

4. Flux: When Dennis Sykes is diagnosed with cancer and given just a month to live he suddenly realizes -like the old man in Akira Kurosawa’s masterful Ikiru—that he has essentially wasted his entire life and resolves to do something that matters in that one month.

5. Deadpool: Besides Flux, Deadpool is the only other character (elsewhere on this list) whose origin story itself is due to cancer.

Well, if superheroes have battled the monstrous disease Cancer, you all real-life people out there start believing that heroism is inside you.

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