25th Anniversary Special: Top Facts about FRIENDS

FRIENDS completed 25 years on September 22, 2019, since its start so let's go through some of its facts.

FRIENDS, the series that redefined friendship. The series is still the most streamed series on digital platforms. Today we will go through some interesting facts that you may or may not know from this series.

1) The Title story

We all know the series as FRIENDS, but before being aired with this name the series had been named multiple different names. The first name given to the series was ‘Insomnia Café’, the next title consideration was ‘Across The Hall’, then it became ‘Six of One’ at the end the show premiered the first episode with the title  FRIENDS on the 22 September 1994.

2) The Casting Story

Before the character Phoebe was finalized to be played by Lisa Kudrow, it was first auditioned by Kathy Griffin and Jane Lynch, FRIENDS audition is where the two became friends. Same was the story for Chandler’s character, Jon Favreau and Jon Cryer were considered but finally, the gig landed in Matthew Parry’s hands. 

The role of Rachel was first offered to Courtney Cox, but she decided to play Monica as she related to that character more than Rachel. Also, the writer wrote the character of Ross Geller, especially for David Schwimmer.

3) The Last Trip

The makers of the series told the whole cast of the show that the show would change their life and no one from the cast will be able to move around freely. Hence the whole cast of the series together took a trip through Las Vegas for the final time before the pilot episode premiered.