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12 interesting facts about model Gisele Bundchen & her road to Billionairedom

Gisele Bundchen is one of the most famous and celebrated models in the world, but going what she was told during her early days, one by no means could have predicted her success. Gisele was bullied at school for being tall and skinny and she also revealed that she didn’t get much attention at parties. Even when she began modelling as a teenager, she was rejected by various agencies, because her “eyes were too small” and her “nose was too big.” 

But now she happens to be more than a legendary supermodel, she has become the world’s most lucrative brands. So how did she do it?

She Began Young: Gisele Bundchen started her modelling career at a young age after she was spotted by an agent at a  fast-food restaurant. She started off in her home country before making her debut at the New York Fashion Week debut in 1996 at the age of 16.

Debut On British Vogue: Gisele Bundchen was just 18 when she debuted on the cover of British Vogue is a Versace dress. The same year she was on the forefront of the world’s biggest fashion houses, including Missoni, Chloe, Versace and Dolce and Gabbana, and even walked the ramp for one of the best designers of that time, including Jean Paul Gaultier.

Model Of The Year: Gisele accepted the Model of the Year award at the VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards in New York. She later that year, in 2000, was named as the highest-paid models in the world after she signed a deal of $25 million with lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret. 

Changes to Improve Her Mental Health: Gisele in order to overcome panic attacks, anxiety and suicidal thoughts opted out of medication and made major lifestyle changes. She began reducing sugar, alcohol and caffeine, gave up on smoking and spent much time as possible outdoors. She also cut back on her work commitments and incorporating yoga and meditation in her schedule.

She Is Disciplined: Gisele revealed her success is due to hard work and discipline. She in an interview stated, “I don’t know how I would have achieved anything in my life if I didn’t have discipline. Discipline is my best friend!” 

Made It In Films: Like many models, she transitioned from the runway to the silver screen. It is reported that Gisele only agreed to movies on one condition, that she didn’t have to play a model.

She’s Dedicated To A Cause She Care About: Gisele took to her Instagram to share a picture of the first tree she planted in a Brazilian forest that was named after her, Gisele Bundchen forest. She is 2019, shared a throwback picture of the occasion on Instagram and revealed how “proud” she was.

She Earned ‘Activist Icon’ Title: Gisele was named an “activist icon” by Elle Spain after she helped plant trees in Nairobi’s Kibera and also helped in detoxifying the river near her home town Horizontina, Rio Grande do Sul with her Proyecto Agua Limpia (Clean Water Project), that was set up by her family.

Recognition By The United Nations: Gisele acted as a Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations Environment Programme since 2009. In 2011 she was honoured by Harvard Medical School with a Global Environmental Citizen Award. She also supported environmental projects such as Seal the Deal, TckTckTck and Billion Tree. And for Germany’s April 2019 “sustainability” issue, she was a natural choice for the cover.

She Knows How to Make Money: The reason why Gisele is the face of many huge brand campaigns is because she helps companies make a lot of money. After she was chosen as the face of  Under Armor campaign in 2016, the share price of the company rose by 4 per cent, adding $591.6 million to its market value.

The Primary Breadwinner In Brady/Bundchen Household: Gisele is estimated to be $400 million worth, even more than her husband, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Tom is more than happy for her to be the primary breadwinner. In an interview with “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in May 2019, on being asked as to why he isn’t the highest-paid NFL star he said, “I think the thing I’ve always felt for me in my life, winning has been a priority. And my wife makes a lot of money. I’m a little smarter than you think.”

And She’s Not Slowing Down: Gisele was recently seen striking a pose as she featured in fall/winter campaign for Brazilian fashion house Rosa Cha. She will also be seen in the 2020 new print and digital ad campaign for Dior’s skincare line Capture Totale. Even environmental issues happen to be what she is passionate about. She on social media is seen urging her fans to do their bit in protecting the planet.

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