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10 Times When Lucifer And Chloe Gave Us Relationship Goals

Prior to the much awaited season 5B of Marvel DC comics adapted hit digital series Lucifer which would stream on 28th May at Netflix, 10 times when Lucifer and Chloe gave us relationship goals.

We all know that Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe (Lauren German) in the fan favorite and hit series Lucifer (2016 – present) which originally aired on Fox but later went to Netflix are star crossed lovers in Marvel DC’s iconic retelling and modern day adaptation of the God of hell Lucifer Morningstar who settles down in LA after getting bored from Hell and falls for a mortal human named Chloe Decker who works as a police officer in L.A.P.D. and then he also joins in as a consultant and the entire storyline has been loved a lot by fans but yes today we take a glance at 10 times when Lucifer and Chloe gave us relationship goals.

The much awaited season of Lucifer is finally releasing on Netflix at 28th May and the makers and cast have been teasing fans and netizens by posting glimpses and short clips from the upcoming season which has totally ended up piquing fans and audiences curiosity and so for ardent fans of Lucifer and Chloe, these are 10 times when Lucifer and Chloe gave us relationship goals.

Even though it took them both a long time to come to terms with their feelings for each but finally Lucifer and Chloe have entered the next phase of their relationship since after years of the uncertainty of will or won’t they, the two of them made things official in season 5 which made the #Deckerstar fans on social media totally perked up and thrilled, wherein now we take a quick look at 10 times when Lucifer and Chloe gave us relationship goals.

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1. They played Monopoly with Chloe’s daughter – Even before Lucifer and Chloe started dating each other, Chloe’s daughter Trixie was huge fan of Lucifer and even though he acts annoyed, but deep down we fans know that he really adores her a lot wherein he joins the mother daughter duo for game night and all of them have a great time.

2. Lucifer jumps in front of an axe for Chloe – Even though he is the devil, but Chloe is his weakness. Lucifer always whilst solving cases on crime scenes with her never cares about himself and always puts himself on forefront before any danger even touches her even after knowing consequences of his actions and when a suspect threw an axe at her, Lucifer pushed her away from there and almost got hit himself which made him vulnerable.

3. Chloe just knew Michael isn’t Lucifer – In season 5 A, when fans and netizens also expected Chloe to get fooled and played by the doppelganger of Lucifer, his evil twin Michael who is the son of God but Chloe being sharp and witty as always came to know the reality when she saw Michael kissing Maze and she knew that Lucifer would never even hurt her willingly and she figured that Michael isn’t Lucifer.

4. Lucifer goes to hell and back for her – When Chloe got infected with deadly poison and even doctors gave up hopes, that moment Lucifer literally went to hell for getting the antidote from a damned soul for saving his ladylove Chloe’s life and also with help of Maze and Linda stopping his heart, he goes and comes back with antidote for her and at that time Chloe isn’t aware of Lucifer’s identity and didn’t even knows how he saved her life.

5. Chloe loves him regardless of his reality – Lucifer and Chloe are the modern day adaptation of good ole Beauty And The Beast and even though she initially struggles after finding out that Lucifer is a devil, but eventually she ends up accepting him when he reveals his true form with horns and all it doesn’t deter her since she loves him unconditionally even when he is the King of hell.

6. Lucifer protects Chloe with his wings – When Pierce tries killing his ex fiancé totally a bullet ends up making its way into Chloe’s chest and knocks her out and then Lucifer stepping in protects and also shields her with his wings as he takes all the hits which make his wings bruised and bloodied but he doesn’t care as he refuses to let Chloe die.

7. Lucifer helps Chloe to let loose – Lucifer and Chloe’s relationship is exact adaptation of idiom opposites attract as Chloe is always guarded and uptight who refuses to let down and enjoy whilst Lucifer doesn’t really have any inhibitions and shame in him and possessing a flair for dramatics, he makes everything into a joke since she is very serious so his attitude shouldn’t piss her off.

8. Chloe is only girl he ever loved – When prophecy claimed that, “the devil walks the Earth and finds his first love, evil shall be released”, it was initially up in the air and even fans were clueless as to who exactly Lucifer’s first love was and he rekindled relationship with Eve in season 4 which made many think that she was his first love but before Lucifer’s return to hell, he makes it clear for Chloe that she is the only person he ever loved throughout entire eternity.

9. Lucifer gives Chloe bullet necklace – In one of episodes, we saw how Chloe thinks that Lucifer never gets hurt and then on Chloe’s birthday, Lucifer makes a necklace out of bullet with which Chloe had shot him during one of first cases together and even though it was an odd and unique gift, but Chloe appreciated it a lot.

10. Chloe chooses to be vulnerable around Lucifer – When Amenadiel reveals a theory of Lucifer’s vulnerability around her which is that Lucifer is vulnerable around her because he chooses to be which encourages her to also let down her walls and be vulnerable around him as well and when she went to guesthouse for knowing about his feelings, they both share a passionate kiss since the time Lucifer returned from hell and then it feels like finally things are out in open.

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