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10 Recreated Hollywood Scenes From Alfred Hitchcock’s Films

Touted as original creator and king of horror and suspense thriller genre in Hollywood, 10 Hollywood scenes recreated from the maverick iconic legend Alfred Hitchcock's films.

We all know that the late and legendary iconic film maker Alfred Hitchcock is known as an iconic and stalwart king of Hollywood movies particularly in horror genre for a reason and so here are 10 recreated Hollywood scenes from Alfred Hitchcock’s films.

Taking a quick walk down in the memory lanes, we are seeing the 10 recreated Hollywood scenes from Alfred Hitchcock’s films.

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This is true that some of his most famous and cult scenes have been remade and imitated in many ways and so this is a list of 10 recreated Hollywood scenes from Alfred Hitchcock’s films.

1. Vertigo (Dream Sequence) – Seen and termed as a cinematic visual masterpiece today originally this film had been a failure wherein particularly this specific dream sequence is icing on top of the cake which has been imitated and referenced notably in Woody’s nightmare in Toy Story 2. Always successful in showcasing fears of his characters, Hitchcock’s trippy and bizarre camera work does show what detective James Stewart’s character went through in Vertigo during dream sequence.

2. North By Northwest (Mt Rushmore Climax) – This iconic adventure thriller North By Northwest has been seen as an inspirational source and more like a canon for countless films in the same genre which include the Indiana Jones series and certain sequences in the James Bond films. The climax scene in North By Northwest on Mt Rushmore where characters climbing on mountain are trying hard to survive which is totally pure Hitchcock has been imitated in finale of live action film Richie Rich (1994) where the pathbreaking set design with heart-pounding music and scenes like this are what made Hitchcock a legend.

3. Rear Window (Jeff falls) – One of the most successful and spine chilling horror / suspense genre films to have been made brilliantly by Alfred Hitchcock is Rear Window which is a story about a handicapped man in wheelchair who believes he saw a murder happening is full of chills and suspense and in climax we see Jeff falling from window which has been referenced in films like Die Hard and also spoofed about in That 70’s show.

4. The Birds (Schoolhouse Terror) – Fans of the noted film maker may find it difficult to see a group of crows sitting on surface and not instantly think of this iconic sequence from The Birds and this scene of a large group of birds terrorizing a schoolhouse has an excellent camera work and imagery and has been recreated multiple times but young fans have maybe seen the similar scene when living ants attack in Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

5. Strangers On A Train (The Meeting) – This scene wherein two strangers meet each other in a train and both of them promise to kill one person of the other is totally clear on their faces in this masterpiece film by Hitchcock and this scene doesn’t look like being imitated but when films like Throw Mama From The Train pay their homage and tribute, this neglected scene is surely referenced.

6. Vertigo (Bell Tower) – While directly the scene may not be recreated, but subtly a chose through bell tower has become an integral part of action films thanks to Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo wherein the main protagonist climbing bell tower in order to protect the woman and this scene was imitated in Tim Burton’s The Batman where Batman chases after The Joker to top of bell tower and confronts him and if there’s a chase in bell tower, reason is undoubtedly Hitchcock.

7. Psycho (Norman’s Smile) – Final shot of Hitchcock’s Psycho wherein motel manager Norman Bates gives a sinister and chilling smile to the camera is an iconic scene but best instance of this shot’s influence isn’t single moment but several as it’s a large influence behind Kubrick stare and even not exactly same, but its an influence each time any actor performs a character with sinister look.

8. Rear Window (Spying on a neighbour ) – While not directly, but entire sequence of character spying out of their room’s window to see something which they aren’t supposed to was birthed and born out of Alfred Hitchcock’s rear window wherein the minimal locations along with notion that anyone can watch you made this sequence really popular in Hollywood films like Disturbia (2007) is based on this storyline followed by Simpsons who have referenced Hitchcock countless times but most epic is when Bart breaks his leg and spies on Flanders, which is a direct call back to this iconic film.

9. North By Northwest (Crop duster chase) – In this timeless film, the scene wherein the crop duster nearly ends up running over main character within a large field was shot so brilliantly by Hitchcock that it has been directly imitated in the second Bond film, From Russia With Love.

10. Psycho (Shower scene) – When a scene like the main character being brutally killed within first scene of the film with no suspense build up making it really out of the blue yet absolutely spine chilling is so impactful and shot so brilliantly with finesse which changes entire film forever then its hard to not recreate it and chilling music in this 1960 film shocked audiences with many examples of the scene being referenced right from Bug Bunny to Mel Brooks along with a documentary on this scene alone.

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