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10 Exciting Behind The Scenes About The Umbrella Academy Making

Fans who have been eagerly awaiting for the much anticipated season 3 of the series that is currently in production, these are 10 exciting behind the scenes about the Umbrella Academy making.

With a totally apt and diversely unique cast of the Netflix hit series The Umbrella Academy (2019 – present), let’s take a look at 10 exciting behind the scenes about The Umbrella Academy making.

Based on the comic books by Gerard Way and Gabriel La, we take a quick glance at the 10 exciting behind the scenes about The Umbrella Academy making.

The series which was deemed a huge hit by the viewers and fans as well, its third season is currently under production stage due to COVID 19 related delays and now an exciting news for ardent fans is that they get to know about the 10 exciting behind the scenes about The Umbrella Academy making.

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1. Luther was first character – Umbrella Academy writer and My chemical romance lead singer Gerard Way initially in start itself drew the character who then later would become Luther Hargreeves whilst on tour in Japan with his band which was inspired by a pic he had seen in an old sci- fi film he drew the half simian astronaut Number One.

2. The Umbrella Academy could also had been a movie originally – The comic book series on which Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy is based on opened to rave reviews in 2007 also winning an Eisner award which is like the Oscar for comic books and he was offered to make a film series by Universal which he profusely turned down as it wasn’t his intention but several years later he was open to idea of TV adaptation of his comic book series after hearing vision of future Umbrella Academy showrunner and executive producer, Steve Blackman.

3. There’s not ‘clean take’ of elevator scene in series – The scene in second season where all Hargreeves siblings go in an elevator to meet their father and Luther suddenly farts was not originally scripted as Tom Hopper broke wind whilst they were filming and all tried reacting in their characters first but other siblings also broke into peals of laughter when Robert Sheehan (Klaus) says, ‘Luther that smells amazing’ and they kept this scene filming cast’s reaction again and fans can see how David Castaneda (Diego) laughs quietly in background in episode.

4. Most of ‘Dallas’ scenes were filmed in Ontario – The entire crew of The Umbrella Academy had to hijack two city blocks of Hamilton town in Ontario (Canada) to entirely recreate the 1950’s setting and era of Dallas, Texas where they all filled it with fifties style cars and people and also repainted the fire hydrants for them to match the style of fire hydrants back in 50’s era and then also fix them each night as well post filming finished and 80% of second season has been shot in Canada.

5. The cornfield – The cornfield in second season’s third episode was specially created for The Umbrella Academy where the corn was only a foot high month before filming and shoot commenced so the crew got worried that it wouldn’t be tall enough till time of shooting schedule a month later but the corn grew to the right height in time for filming the scene where Vanya is seen running through cornfield from Swedes and makes a drop circle after blasting them with powers then encountering number 5.

6. Season 2’s instrumental music recorded in lockdown – Steve Blackman showrunner and creator of the series say music is one of the most important factor in the show and in the pandemic, every musician recorded their music separately and different audio files for 170+ instrumental songs in 2nd season then got edited altogether using synthesizer where Gerard Way, musician and Umbrella Academy creator also wrote an original song titled Here Comes The End which appears in season two trailer.

7. Snowmageddon – The snow scene in season two finale had to be incorporated into farm scene after winter came early and even after hiring meteorologists to help them be prepped for any weather conditions whilst filming outdoors, post leaving the farm location that day and coming back next day they saw four feet snow on sets and producers didn’t have time and budget for creating another scenario and so they filmed it by writing Snowmageddon and having cast work around the same as well.

8. The handler originally wasn’t a woman – Indeed a unique character to The Umbrella Academy series, handler’s character originally had been offered and was to be played by John Hamm but after he turned it down makers gave it to Kate Walsh who moulded the character in her own style and working with costumes department she came up with Handler’s remarkable and striking extravagant dresses and hairstyles.

9. Most of cast agrees – Most of the show’s cast agrees that David Castaneda is worst secret keeper in group and in show his character, Diego Hargreeves likes to play his cards close to his chest as people he trusts end up betraying him or getting killed but off camera when on sets, David Castaneda is really loose lipped who is totally bad at keeping secrets and also he got in trouble for accidentally leaking season two’s motion poster of the show early.

10. Justin H Min didn’t know he was auditioning to play – Actor Justin H Min was not even given a hint of who he was going to be playing in The Umbrella Academy when he auditioned and each time he got script for auditions, the character names would be different and Min read comic books after getting the role so he was familiar with characters and eventually in an earlier interview he told that he had been informed about playing a character who is part of Hargreeves family but even then, he didn’t got a hint of playing Hargreeves deceased brother Ben until he met showrunner Steve Blackman in Toronto.

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