Monday, September 28, 2020

    Hina Khan Lashes Out On Producers For Non-Payment Of Dues


    Now that Maharashtra government allowed TV serials to kick off shooting amid global pandemic, the unemployed actors and workers will get their pending dues. Ever since the lockdown was announced many industry workers came in forward and demanded to get their remaining due as they were running out of money to survive the lockdown. Now Hina Khan joins the bandwagon and lashes out on producers for such cruel behavior towards their own team members, in an interview Hina said, “This is absolutely bizarre that such things are happening. I know there is this one show where the cast and crew are reaching out for help, it is so sad. The producers should at least give them half the payment, I understand that even they are in crisis but then they were the ones to take the risk, we are not the risk-takers. For me, a producer has found me, it is their duty to deliver the remuneration they have signed me for and it is my duty to deliver in my performance and the working hours. If I have delivered my part, they need to deliver their part.” Hina further adds that being a producer is a huge responsibility and one should calculate their risks much before anything worse happens. Majority of the actors and workers are living miserably due to non-payment of their dues but we hope Hina’s words get out and producers understand the situation.

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