Sunday, September 27, 2020

    Himanshi Khurana Reveals How Her Team Helped Her Stay Away From Negativity


    Himanshi Khurana who rose to fame after appearing in Bigg Boss 13 says she was suffering from anxiety attacks as people trolled and body-shamed her recently. Himanshi reveals that it’s her team that helps her stay away from negativity. In an interview, Himanshi revealed suffering with PCOS which leads to fluctuation in her weight, she said, “I have been trolled a lot on social media. Before and after Bigg Boss 13. I have been body shamed a lot. I have PCOS, whoever doesn’t understand it, please go and surf on the internet. Most of the girls go through it. People who know about it will relate with me. During PCOS, your body weight keeps fluctuating. Sometimes you lose so much weight and sometimes you gain a lot of weight.” Due to all the negativity, Himanshi even met a psychiatrist for two weeks which helped her feel better. Now the Punjabi singer is ready to face anything in her life as she needs to change herself for anyone.

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