Hilary Duff Drops Hints About Lizzie McGuire & Hannah Montana Crossover In The Future

Hilary Duff has subtly hinted about a possible collaboration of Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montana. Her hint states that Miley Cyrus may grace the upcoming Lizzie McGuire show with her presence as Hannah Montana. Read below to know more.

The 90s and the early 2000s kids surely do remember the two queens of Disney Channel- Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana while Hilary Duff as Lizzie McGuire. Both the shows were loved by the masses and everyone had kept their fingers crossed for a crossover but alas, it didn’t happen. However, it seems like fans’ patience will soon be rewarded. 

Earlier this year, actress Hilary Duff had revealed that the Lizzie McGuire show was very much work in progress. Speaking of the same Duff said, “So you know, we started shooting, we stopped shooting and went back to the drawing board with Disney+, Disney and myself to come up with something that works for all of us, and we’re still in the middle of that process.”

Hilary further added that the shooting got stalled due to the coronavirus pandemic but now they are talking weekly and she feels really good about it.

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Hilary is still confident that the show will be all imagined by the fans and more, with a potential collaboration with Miley Cyrus to boot the same.

Later when the magazine brought up how Hannah Montana was partly influenced by the Lizzie McGuire film, Hilary poked fun and said that she has never that story. She then added that although she never thought about a Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montana crossover.

Clarifying her above statement, Duff said, “But never say never! Anything goes these days, right?”

Well, it seems like Hilary has secretly dropped the hint that American pop-star Miley might actually do a special cameo in the Lizzie McGuire show and fans are going gaga over the news.

Hilary Duff mentioned that she is very particular to sure that the show is made as it should be. It was earlier this year that Terri Minsky was fired for wanting to showcase an adult version of Lizzie McGuire. Disney+ believed that her idea wasn’t suitable for their platform.

On the personal front, our Disney Channel star Hilary Duff has grown up and is a mother of two. Her Instagram feed is full of her smothering her little ones.