Here’s Why The Weeknd’s Fans Are Convinced His New Album ‘Snowchild’ Is About Selena Gomez

For the album 'Snowchild' the Weeknd dropped the music video and fans immediately took to Twitter to share reasons why they think it's about his ex Selena Gomez, adding the fact that it was released on her birthday.

Really The Weeknd‘s new album about his ex Selena Gomez called “Snowchild?” That’s the presumption that many fans are heading to Twitter after the 30-year-old singer released the eye-catching music video for the new album on July 22, also Selena’s 28th birthday.

The followers were also quick to point out that in addition to the release date, there appeared to be different clues in the song’s lyrics and video features which made it clear to them that he is referring to his 10-month long relationship with the brunette beauty.

So several balloons can be seen at the beginning of the an animated video which some fans might be a hint about Selena ‘s birthday. One Twitter user wrote “he released this song on selena’s birthday (today) which is referenced from pretty much the first scene,”  with screenshots of the balloons in the video, as well as an image of Selena, surrounded by blue and white balloons on one of her previous birthdays.

The same user noticed that The Weeknd’s animated version, whose real name is Abel, does a “double take” at an animated version of a girl who wears her hair in the same style that Selena used to wear it before.

“he did a double take at someone who wears her hair very similarly to selena (she’s also wearing his jacket in the second pic),” read the tweet.

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Another user wrote about how Selena recently revealed her favorite song from Ex The Weeknd’s album, After Hours, is “Snowchild” and she even added it to her “Cooking Together” Spotify playlist back in Apr., which is possibly another hint that the song is about her.

“Today is selena’s bday and she mentioned before that her fav song from the album is snowchild.. Abel i got you.. And also he liked his picture with her on insta recently..,” the user wrote.

This is not the first time fans have been speculating about who the songs and music videos from The Weeknd are really about. In Mar., they wrote for After Hours about how they think he makes several references to his other ex Bella Hadid, 23.

They discussed how to relate the lyrics of a “chrome heart” necklace with one of the jewelry items of the model, and focused on the painful feelings he sings about his on-again, off-again relationship with her.

We ‘re not sure if the new songs from The Weeknd on After Hours are really about Selena and Bella and he certainly hasn’t confirmed anything, but we can totally see why fans can bring two and two together! We will be on the monitor to see if the talented singer will in the near future say something about the speculation. We’ll just have to keep on having fun guessing until then!