Here’s WHY Post Malone’s Fans Think He’s Dating Rapper Me Love Me A Lot Aka MLMA

The Korean artist and rapper shared pictures of her and Post together, which led some fans to speculate something cooking between the two. Read more below.

TikTok star, rapper, and visual artist Me Love Me A Lot hinted on Aug. 8 that she and Post Malone are not just friends and maybe more than that. MLMA shared a series of Polaroid pictures of her and Post, 25, while replying to a fan ‘s question about who she was “dating.”

 She even set to music the TikTok clip with a parody of Post’s hit single, “Rockstar.” This choice of music could be viewed in two ways: either she confirmed they were a couple – or, it was her way of making fun of all the recent dating rumors about them.

“Aww y’all cute. I hope this means yes cuz u seem sweet take care of him plz angel,” one fan said adding heart emoji in the comment section on TikTok. What’s more surprising is MLMA replied to the user saying, “He will be happiest man in the universe.”

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Fans started wondering Post and MLMA about being a thing since Aug. 3, after uploading a series of pictures of them to Instagram together. “I did makeup on [the] cutest face,”  the Korean star captioned the post alongside pictures with even more ink on his bald head. This left fans raving about those two dating possibilities.

“A duo I never thought I would see,” said one fan, while another called them “Melovemalone”. “This is my favorite crossover yet” “The cutest most talented people” “Who else thinks these two look really good together?” “I ship u both.”

Post has kept his personal life out of the spotlight. He reportedly dated Ashlen Diaz from 2015-2018, but details about Post’s private life are scant — and that’s how he likes it. Post does not want to bring his personal life into the spotlight.

He is said to have dated Ashlen Diaz from 2015-2018, but details about the private life of Post are extremely limited — and that’s how he likes it. “To my REAL fans I love you to death, to the people trying to dig so f-cking hard to try and get me to leave my girl, y’all ain’t real fans, and it needs to stop,” he wrote in a post on Twitter in February 2019. “The past is the past, and it has nothing to do with anything. Have some respect. Who gives a f-ck? Let us live our lives.”

Meanwhile, the Grammy-nominated artist has revealed in a detailed interview with The Wall Street Journal that he has been working on a new album while quarantined in Utah.