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Here’s Why Ariana Grande & Mikey Foster Split After 9 Months Of Dating

Ariana Grande and Mikey Foster have split, sources confirm and we have scoops on why this couple decided to end their romance.

Singer Ariana Grande and Mikey Foster split after dating for 9 months. Although the lovebirds recently spotted together at Disneyland, their sudden break up comes out as a shock. Mikey served as a co-producer on Arina’s hit singles Thank U, Next and 7 Rings. Mikey’s band Social House was also Ari’s opening act on her Sweetener tour last year.

A source close to the couple revealed that, “Ariana and Mikey were a fling that was fun but it wasn’t ever going to lead into something super serious. They were just enjoying their chemistry and tried to see if it could be more. They had fun and they are friends. No real drama to worry about. Hearts aren’t broken.”

In February this year, the 7 rings singer, was spotted with a mystery man along with a group of friends at a bar in California, the source further claimed that the incident might have led to their break up, “Mikey realized things were officially done between him and Ariana when he saw those photos of her making out with another guy,”

The source further claimed that, “He knew things between Ariana and whoever that guy was had to mean something because he’s pretty sure Njomza was among the group of friends they were with,” he continued. “In his eyes that meant Ariana was comfortable enough to allow him to hang with her inner circle. Mikey has no hard feelings though and he cares about Ariana no matter what. They’ve been friends for years and he will still work with her because he knows they make great music together. There’s no hard feelings on his end and it’s all positive vibes.”

Their relationship came into limelight after the duo dropped the sizzling music video titled Boyfriend, which ended with them making out and days after music video’s launch, the lovebirds were spotted holding hands on a night out in Chicago.

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