Saturday, September 26, 2020

    Here’s How Vikas Gupta’s Videos Helped A Fan Overcome Her Mental Illness


    Post Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden demise, the whole country came put and shared their mental health stories. Bigg Boss fame Vikas Gupta too talked about his depression and called out names who made his life hell. Since then Vikas has been very vocal about mental illness, he even motivated many to overcome the issues through his social media posts. Now it looks like his words have helped many, as recently a fan came out and shared how Vikas’ videos has helped her get out of the depression she faced after her divorce, the user even mentioned how society shamed her as she divorced a man whom she was married for 15 years. While sharing her story, the fan wrote, “You gave me hope to live my life again. Stay strong Vikas!! Lots of love & blessings #VikasGupta @lostboy54.” When the post reached out to Vikas, the mastermind was overwhelmed by her response, he replied, “Thankyou I needed to read this now.” Looks like we’re finally getting some positivity back as social media was flooded with negativity from last few weeks. Furthermore, Vikas also came out and revealed how his family disowned him as he’s bisexual, he mentioned only Karan Kundrra stood by his side despite knowing about his sexuality.

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