Tuesday, September 29, 2020

    Here’s How Shama Sikander Is Managing Her Lockdown Photoshoots


    Amid the coronavirus pandemic, actress Shama Sikander loves the results of her virtual photoshoots and says she does her own costume and makeup. “I mostly do my photoshoots currently on FaceTime. Of course, it doesn’t give the results like a proper DSLR camera but It’s a new concept and sooner or later people will have to take to it,” Shama said. “At least till the pandemic ends. I mostly do my costume and makeup as well and the results have been as good as ever. People are loving these pictures. So that’s some validation that it’s going right. One has to adapt to change and FaceTime shoot is one in that direction. The situation doesn’t seem to ease off and we are all at crossroads in life thinking on the way ahead with the new norms. Let’s all stay safe and stay indoors as much as possible,” she added. Recently, Shama opened up about rumours of going under the knife. She said that it is not necessary that you have gone for cosmetic surgery every time you change. Rather, she credits her mind for helping her evolve to a newer self. It all started in January this year when Shama did the #10yearchallange and posted her then-and-now pictures.

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