Helly Shah Cherishes The Outdoor Shooting Experience Before The Lockdown

“Shooting in the middle of the sea for five days were the best days of my life”, says Helly Shah from COLORS’ Ishq Mein Marjawaan

In the current situation, shooting at exotic locations and traveling around looks nearly impossible. All that our actors now have are some beautiful memories to cherish from their past outdoor shoots. One such memory is shared by the lead actor Helly Shah from COLORS’ upcoming show Ishq Mein Marjawaan. The show will chronicle the story of Riddhima (played by Helly Shah) who falls in love with Kabir (played by Vishal Vashisht). Her dream of being with Kabir comes crashing down when he asks her to make a life-changing sacrifice. The show promises to be a roller coaster ride filled with drama, suspense, love, and thrills.

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Recently, Helly Shah narrated how she now misses and cherishes the outdoor shooting experience before the lockdown. The cast had visited Goa for 5 days to shoot a few important sequences for the show. They were in the middle of the sea on the popular Jalesh Cruise. Interestingly, it has been a long time that any television serial has been shot on a cruise. Helly also mentioned that in spite of a tight shooting schedule, she enjoyed all the amenities provided on Jalesh cruise and even battled seasickness!

Helly Shah says, “I was surfing through my phone and came across these amazing photos from the time we shot in Goa on Jalesh Cruise. The experience was absolutely surreal and something we all cherish even now. This lockdown taught us to value each and every experience of our life and our travels especially. These memories are so precious that even now on the set, we remember it every day. Even though it was a great experience, I had some difficulty adjusting to life on the sea. I have extreme seasickness and it took me a couple of days to get used to this, but I am happy that I sailed through it and I could give some great shots.”