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Harry Styles Declines Dating Adele?

Harry Styles made is fans disappointed as he clarified that he’s not dating Adele.

After spotting Harry styles and Adele vacationing together early this year, fans went berserk thinking they were dating, although it has been reported that the two were just hanging out after collaborating for a song, the former One Direction singer finally addressed rumours of him being affiliated with the Hello singer.

While on the Howard Stern Show, the 26-year-old singer tried putting off the dating rumours and said, “I feel like that’s just any time two musicians hang out. Either they’re dating or they’re recording together.”

Further talking about his thoughts on dating and marriage, he stated, “It’s always kind of a balance thing because you want to date normally but then, you also want to protect it so it can be normal. I think a big part of it is like, you wanna be able to spend enough time with each other where you can get to know each other before you have to deal with the extra stuff.”

Although, he clarified that they were just holidaying, however, he didn’t decline about collaborating with Adele for a song, So, fingers crossed. 

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