Gigi Hadid Opens Up About ‘Missing’ Favorite Pastimes But ‘Totally Avoiding It’ Amid Pregnancy

Supermodel Gigi Hadid has just announced what she misses most while she is pregnant. Read more to see what it's like.

The supermodel Gigi Hadid revealed on Twitter over the weekend that one of her favorite pastimes, horseback riding, has been put on hold while she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Zayn Malik.

“Early on I did (only walking tho) but not anymore. Missing it!!” she wrote in response to a fan on Saturday who asked whether she was riding or “totally avoiding it” at the moment.

However, Hadid, 25, has still got some face-to-face time with the animals. “I still hang w em and bring them carrots,” she responded to a fan who noticed that the horses too “miss [her].”

The first-time mom confirmed that she was expecting Malik, 27, during an interview with Jimmy Fallon on April 30, telling host of The Tonight Show, “Obviously, we wish they could’ve announced it on our own terms, but we’re very excited and happy and grateful for everyone’s well-wishes and support.”

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Last month, Hadid went live on Instagram where she mainly answered fan concerns regarding her pregnancy.

Although for now, Hadid keeps her pregnancy out of the spotlight, she told fans she just wants to live the moment and experience the new changes in her, she would eventually share more.

 “I have been taking a lot of pictures of my bump and sending it to friends and family and it’s been really cute and exciting, and I’m trying to document it well because I’ve heard a lot of people say obviously, ‘make sure you don’t miss it,’ “ said the model.

“And I will be sharing stuff like that in the future,”  she said, adding she’s “just not rushed to do it”  and she wants to experience pregnancy without thinking about it being in the public eye.

“I write in my journal a lot, and I just don’t want to worry about waking up every day during my pregnancy and, like, worry about having to like look cute or post something,” Hadid said.

The supermodel has given viewers a glimpse of her baby bump, revealing that she doesn’t look that different from the top, but “it’s there” from a side view.