Saturday, September 19, 2020

    Gautam Gulati Claims Ekta Kapoor Chopped His Role From His First Film


    Gautam Gulati who rose to fame after his noteworthy journey in Bigg Boss 8 claims Ekta Kapoor cut his roles in his first film. Gautam who started his acting career with Diya Aur Baati Hum, states his real struggle started after winning the show, as he was an outsider and no godfather in the industry. In an interview with a news portal, the actor shared that he had signed 3 films contract with the TV czarina but she chopped his role which made him cancel his contracts with Balaji Films, he said, “I had a three-film deal with Balaji. I was very happy. But when my role was cut in the very first film, I was disappointed. I thought what was happening to me? After the first film, I kept calling and got no answer. Defeated, I had to break the contract.” Talking about outsiders struggle, Gautam said, “Artists are left heartbroken when someone cheats at work. I was not concerned about the money but I wanted to do a good job. The makers should take care of young actors and outsiders,” Gautam will be seen in Salman Khan’s upcoming film Radhe, and due to which he thank the Bigg Boss host as he now feels secure about his career.

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