Thursday, September 24, 2020

    Elisabeth Moss Opens Up About Being Scared Of Public Speaking


    Hollywood actress Elisabeth Moss who exhibits a strong persona on-screen said that she carries the same off-screen as well. The actress said that she believes in fighting back and has a strong personality. In an interview with OK! Magazine, the 37-year old actress said that she is thankful to her parents who taught her to always believe in herself. Moss said, “I was raised to believe in myself. I was raised to believe that I should have a voice and that I have a place. I was raised to believe that my voice is as important and relevant as anyone else’s.” Elisabeth further added that in a way she believes that she is a good at fighting back if she needs to. She also mentioned that one always has to find strength both physically and mentally when it is needed. Later in the conversation when Elisabeth was quizzed about what is she is scared of, she quickly responded by saying that she is afraid of public speaking. Explaining herself Moss said, “Speaking publicly, especially at big events. Silence frightens me too. I’m a city girl, so I’m not used to silence.” Moss further added that she would be terrified if one puts her in a country home by herself, surrounded by woods and silence. And water, she’s also afraid of deep water. The Invisible Man actress further confessed that she also scared of things she can’t see because it makes her feel powerless. She concluded the same by saying that she can go on and on about it but would rather end it. Speaking of the things she is not afraid of Moss said that she isn’t afraid of horror films. She also said that she has very high tolerance to dark material and isn’t easily frightened by the same.

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