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Did You Know Juhi Chawla Was Offered Draupadi’s Role in B.R. Chopra’s Mahabharat?

Juhi Chawla was among top 6 actresses chosen for the role of Draupadi but due to her prior commitment with Nasir Saheb for Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak she turned down Mahabharat as BR Chopra’s request.

India’s most successful mythological shows Ramayan and Mahabharat which aired between the years 1987 to 1990 respectively have been re telecasted on DD amid Coronavirus lockdown. These shows were tremendous hit when they were First aired on Indian television and even after 33 years they are still getting better viewership.

Gufi Paintal who plays Shakuni in BR Chopra’s Mahabharat auditioned more than 5000 actors for different roles, including some prominent Bollywood actors. Interestingly Juhi Chawla was selected for the role of Draupadi. Juhi was among the top 6 selected actors for Draupadi’s character, eventually, after Juhi’s exit, Roopa Ganguly took over the role.

However, Juhi turned down the role to pursue her big-screen career in Amir khan starrer Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. This was disclosed by Juhi herself, she revealed, “Chopra Saheb had come to my house because he knew someone in my family. He took my screen test and finalized for the role of Draupadi.” 

But when Juhi told him that she had signed the film of Nasir Saheb, he said, ‘then work in the film’. She further stated, “After agreeing, people told me that maybe this decision of yours is not right. Nasir’s last three films had flopped. But now there was no question of retreat so I acted in the film and the film became a hit.”

On the other hand, actors Chunky Pandey and Govinda were also on board to play Abhimanyu but they chose to opt-out when they got a chance to work on films. While, Mukesh Khanna who played the character of Bhishma, was cast as Dronacharya, as BR Chopra thought he was much suitable to play Ganga putra.

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