David And Victoria Beckham To Build An Escape Tunnel At Home

According to sources, David and Victoria Beckham want to construct an underground tunnel from their house to their basement.

The couple-with kids Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, 15, and Harper, together-are believed to have received planning permission to make an underground tunnel at their Cotswolds mansion worth £ 6 million ($NZD11.9 million) as well as a wine cellar.

Victoria Beckham and her husband David are very particular about the safety and security of their family, also more conscious after Tottenham midfielder Dele Alli was recently robbed at his North London mansion on a knifepoint, they are taking things more seriously with their home in Cotswold.

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The couple intend to create “an underground passage linking the family’s nine-bed Cotswold pad to their luxury car garage” according to planning documents obtained by the Express newspaper, providing an escape tunnel should the family need it. The pair have also demanded a protection hut from the local council.

The expected work comes as the latest initiative for 45-year-old former football star David after it has recently been announced that he has filed a trademark to protect his name to be used for a hotel and restaurant chain.

“David is a shrewd businessman, and just as he was clever with Victoria in building Beckham brand, he’s making sure he’s securing any potential ventures,” an insider reported to a news portal.

“He’s got his hands full with his team in Miami but his own hotel – that could happen.”

“But David won’t rush into anything, he’ll be making sure any plans to go into the industry are totally watertight before he takes the plunge.”

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At the nine-bedroom, $8 million home, with a tennis court, treehouse, plunge pool, fire pit and floor-to-ceiling windows, the couple is quarantined with their kids Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper.