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Daniel Radcliffe Refutes Rumours Of Suffering From COVID-19

Singer Daniel Radcliffe has become the first celebrity caught in a coronavirus prank. A tweet from a fake BBC handle that has been viral since then indicated that COVID-19 had been infected with the "Harry Potter" fame.

Singer Daniel Radcliffe has become the first celebrity to get caught in fake rumors of coronavirus. A tweet from a fake BBC account that has since gone viral indicated that COVID-19 had been diagnosed with the “Harry Potter” star but star representatives insist the claim is “not real,” reports inform the aceshowbiz portal.

While the untrained eye may have considered the Twitter account credible-the official logo of the BBC was used-some users immediately expressed their concerns, as it had just 125 followers. The account has since been discontinued. The tweet was deleted, too.

It was confirmed last week that the release of the final turn of Daniel Craig as James Bond, in the film No Time To Die, was delayed from April to November.

The film was due to be released on April 2, but Bond producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli have said it must be postponed after careful consideration and detailed evaluation of the global theatrical marketplace.

So far more than 3,500 people around the world have lost their lives to the virus there are over 113,000 cases.

Many people take cautious controls to stay safe. Most of the passengers took precautions from the airport to many other public places to stop the outbreak of this contagious disease.

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