Chris Pratt On What He Likes & Dislikes About His Superhero Gear As Star Lord

Chris Pratt who essays the role of Star Lord in the Avengers movie opened up about what he likes and doesn’t like about his superhero gear. Read below to know more.

Hollywood actor Chris Pratt has made a place for himself in the industry as a superhero figure. The actor who played Star-Lord in superhero films like Avengers: Infinity War opened up about what he loves and hates about this superhero gear.

Speaking about the things he loves Pratt said that he loved the long jacket that his character wore. Explaining the same he said, “You know I really love my long jacket and when I get to wear that long jacket it’s really cool.” He further added that the first time he wore the leather jacket is when he felt like he was the character and hence, the jacket feels good.

Pratt also spilled the beans on things that he doesn’t like about the character’s gear. He confessed that the helmet he has to wear for portraying the superhero character is his least favourite.

Adding more details to the same Chris said, “When I put on that helmet they bolted on my head, there is wind and there is rain. I can’t breathe and I can’t see. There is supposed to be some device inside that has the director’s voice going through but it’s killing me with feedback, and I don’t say the damn thing.” Pratt then mentioned that he doesn’t show his discomfort and just acts through.

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Chris then concluded by saying that he absolutely loves the jacket but kind of hates the helmet.

However, it doesn’t seem like Chris Pratt would be uncomfortable with the helmet as the charm of his character tends to mask it really well.

Meanwhile, Chris Pratt and his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger are expecting their first child together. The couple tied the knot last year in October in a fairytale wedding ceremony.