Saturday, September 26, 2020

    Check Out Sushant Singh Rajput’s Old Post On Nepotism


    Kanika Saini
    Kanika Saini is a Post Graduate in Commerce who chose to follow her passion for writing as a full-time career. She is also a published author and Podcaster.

    Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has become a national debate now. A debate on the mystery behind his death, a debate on nepotism, and a debate on existence of mafia gang in the showbiz. Being an outsider, Sushant became a victim of nepotism. This is what people have been claiming since day 1 of his death. And now, an old post of Sushant is going viral on social media in which he raised his voice against nepotism. And of course, his post went unnoticed. He had written in a Facebook post, “We promote family values here almost as often as we promote our family members. #nepotism #bollywood”. His post clearly suggests that he became a victim of nepotism and something must have had happened back in 2015 that prompted Sushant to write this post. Kangana Ranaut’s social media team has also shared this post of Sushant and wrote, “Agony of a genius mind, he decided to watch the circus of Nepotism and be amused by it than fight it, he decided to leave rather than lose himself to an ugly mould people gave him.”

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