Cate Blanchett Spills The Beans On Her Perverse Attraction To Chaos & How She Deals With It

Cate Blanchett opened up on her perverse attraction to chaos and in what way she deals with it. Read below for further details.

Hollywood actress Cate Blanchett opened up on her perverse attraction to chaos and also confessed that she and her husband Andrew Upton tends to take on more than they can handle.

In a recent interaction with Radio Times, Cate revealed that she surfs through her hectic schedule for months before breaking down from stress.

Cate said, “I think I have a perverse attraction to chaos. Both my husband and I freelance, I have four children… I think the way I deal with chaos is to surf it until it’s been going on for six months and then you burst into tears.”

She further added, “But it’s always the small things in life that make you burst into tears. It’s never over the major things, because you can somehow deal with those issues. It’s the little things, like the car not starting.”

The 51-year old actress also mentioned that there is emotional chaos at their place because of their teenage kids- 18-year old Dashiell, 16-year old Roman, 11-year old Ignatius, and Edith as they all have strong personalities.

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Further in the conversation, Cate said that she and her husband have been together for a long time and it’s wonderful. She also mentioned that it takes work to keep things the way they are. Blanchett added she and her hubby are biting off more than they can manage to chew but alas that is what makes life interesting.

Meanwhile, Cate is staying in East Sussex with her family where she believes that they will remain for the near future.

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