Bombay High Court Refrained Makers Who Tried Replicating Bigg Boss

A Chennai based firm has planned to shoot a show similar to Bigg Boss; they had even rented a villa with camera installed.

Over the years, Bigg Boss has seen some major ups and downs, but keeping everything aside, every year audience eagerly waits for the new season. Reportedly, the show is so popular that a Chennai based firm has planned to shoot a show with a similar pattern; they had even rented a villa in Andaman and Nicobar Island with the camera installed.

Reportedly, the firm has conducted auditions and even put advertisement for the show, however, after the petition filed by Endemol Shine Nederland Producties along with its Indian division, Bombay High Court advised the company to not conduct any further auditions and refrained them from using the taglines, “Isse Apna Hi Ghar Samjho” and “Yeh bhi toh apna hi ghar hai”. 

The whole incident came into limelight to the Endemol Shine Nederland Producties’ representative advocate Hiren Kamod. As per the sources, the makers decided to air the show on two local YouTube channels, on the other hand, they also copied the logo.

The company has even accepted their mistake and assured the court that they won’t copy anything from the show. The court further stated, “It is a systematic attempt to come as close as possible to the Endemol Shine Nederland Producties trademarks and show to deceive the public or somehow associate the impugned mark and show with the plaintiffs.”