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Yash Narvekar: Everytime Working With Akasa Is Honestly A Treat

In his latest conversational chat interview off late with us, the renowned singer and composer Yash Narvekar says everytime working with Akasa is honestly a treat.

He is a renowned singer who has given his mellifluous vocals to songs from bollywood films like Half Girlfriend, Street Dancer 3 followed by singing several iconic tracks for webseries as well and in his recent one on one candid conversation with us whilst talking about the song Yaad Na Aana, his bonding with Akasa and much more, Yash Narvekar says, everytime working with Akasa is honestly a treat.

Opening up on his rapport and comfort level of collaborating with Akasa for this song which is being raved about by critics, fans, audiences and netizens as well along with getting immense love and appreciation for same in this latest exclusive interview with us, Yash Narvekar says, everytime working with Akasa is honestly a treat.

Speaking up in details about the song, his experience of working with musical sensation Akasa Sing and more in this one on one candid conversation with us, well renowned bollywood playback singer Yash Narvekar says, everytime working with Akasa is honestly a treat.

In his new and most exclusive interview with us, bollywood playback singer and composer Yash Narvekar says, everytime working with Akasa is honestly a treat.

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When asked about his experience of collaborating with Akasa for Yaad Na Aana, Yash shares, “This is second song we’re doing together. We’ve done two songs along with one reality show back in the day. Everytime working with Akasa is honestly a treat. It’s like everything happens in a smooth and relaxed way because she is really easy going and at same time also very talented so she does not do that much hardwork. She understands quite easily the details related to what the song is all about and so on. Same thing happened with this song, as I had the idea and first hook (mukhda) already with me and I happened to bump into Akasa at a session almost one and a half years back. I made her listen to it and she loved it so much that she said let’s do this one together. I was really happy and said yes let’s do it. Then we did a session and the song got over within half hour to 45 minutes and after that we made the song, then the entire COVID-19 situation came into picture within last year and lockdown started happening each time as entire world had went haywire so we forgot about the song a bit since we created a scratch and had just left it. This year at the start, we got a call from Sony Music India who really liked the song and wanted to release it so then they told us to complete the song so that they can release it. So then we once again heard it and really enjoyed listening to the song which was a nice feeling and we didn’t feel bored listening to our song. Then we completed the song and gave it to Sony Music India who then within the COVID 19 restrictions also created a beautiful music video and now that the song is out, people are really giving loads of love and appreciation to song so I am really happy”.

Opening up on Yaad Na Aana being different and unique from other songs in same genre, Yash said, “Yaad Na Aana is a pessimistic song which makes it unique and at same time, I specially tried that even though it is a sad break up kind of a song, but we have tried to make it as much groovy and popish as we could and even though whilst listening to lyrics you’d get emotional, as the drop comes it will make your mood better as well and generally it happens that when sad songs are made to be as so much more sad then people who are emotional get more mellow and sadder. So we created a song which is going to make you feel emotions but would also uplift you as well”.

Opening up on how the musical genius Amaal Malik came into the picture as a music supervisor for this song, Yash adds, “I have already assisted Amaal Malik and he is like a big brother to me. I have learnt a lot from Amaal. Whatever music I make, I always make sure to share it with Amaal since he is like a friend and brother who always gives me real advice. So then he heard the song, he loved it so much that he got great ideas related to the violin, arrangement and so on and then he came onboard which was like a blessing for the track. He came and took it to another level altogether. People came onboard and joined in which made the song much more beautiful and amazing. Amaal helped with music arrangement and also supervised entire song and I couldn’t be more happier. Now when I am listening to that audio, so everyone’s hardwork and effort is reflecting in it and people are giving so much love to the song and also making reels and sharing it on social media so am really happy”.

Speaking about the next genre that he wants to explore as a singer, Yash said, “As a singer I would love to do more romantic numbers. Generally for films I’ve only sung dance numbers so Yaad Na Aana getting the love and appreciation is a really huge thing for me as it has opened a new door for me as a singer and not just a composer. So I would love to sing more romantic songs”.

Opening up on out of all songs that he has sung till now, which one is closest song to his heart and why, Yash says, “I think Yaad Na Aana is closest song to my heart. I am not saying this because we are promoting the song, but this song is really like my baby as I have written the lyrics and also composed the music for it along with giving my vocals for the same and the genre is sad but pop so I got to show a new shade of my voice through this one and it’s an emotional song which is really close to my heart”.

Giving a sweet message for fans, he said, “I had not expected this much love for the song and frankly its really overwhelming but the way people are making reels, stories, edits, I just want to say that I love you guys so thank you so much for giving this love to an artist like me and hopefully I’ll keep on entertaining you with some great music over the years”.

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