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Women or Outsiders- Who is more unsafe in Bollywood Industry?- Actor Payal Ghosh reveals

We asked actor Payal Ghosh that who is more unsafe in Bollywood industry- women or outsiders? Here's what she replied.

Actor Payal Ghosh hit the headlines last year when she joined the Me Too Movement and shared her harassment story. She accused filmmaker Anurag Kashyap of harassing her when she met him years ago. In a recent interview, we questioned her if outsiders in Bollywood face much trouble or the women.

To this, she replied, “Of course, being an outsider is the real issue. These directors can’t even dare to touch the star kids. Rather, they will fall into their feet. But when there’s an outsider, the new girl doesn’t have a support, so they think that they can use them by making false promises to give work. And they think, that all the girls that are meeting them are easily accessible.”

When asked if the industry is becoming more unsafe for women, she replied, “No, it was unsafe earlier as well. Just that, women didn’t speak up before. They used to feel scared and they still do. But now, few girls are coming forward and talking about it. Things will change only when people start to speak up against it.”

Payal Ghosh will soon be seen in film ‘Red’ alongside Krushna Abhishek.

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