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Home Entertainment Bollywood With No Rhea In Chehre’s Poster, Netizens Mull If Krystle Replaced Her

With No Rhea In Chehre’s Poster, Netizens Mull If Krystle Replaced Her

In totally surprising turn of events recently, with no Rhea in Chehre's poster, netizens mull if TV diva star Krystle replaced her in movie which releases in theatres on 29th April 2021.

Rhea Replaced With Krystle
With No Rhea In Chehre's Poster, Netizens Mull If Krystle Replaced Her
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This is really surprising given the fact that all the talk of actress Rhea Chakraborty trying to come out the ordeals she went through including the horrible media trials and jail she faced thanks to her connection with late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death turned out to be just empty talks as now the latest update in same is that with no Rhea in Chehre’s poster, netizens mull if Krystle replaced her.

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Interesting tit bit from the makers of the movie here is that in a totally unexpected move, with no Rhea in Chehre’s poster, netizens mull if Krystle replaced her.

Best known for her acting in film Jalebi (2019), looks like Bollywood industry is in no mood to welcome her again as with no Rhea in Chehre’s poster, netizens mull if Krystle replaced her.

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Netizens reacting to the much awaited mystery crime thriller film Chehre’s official film poster asked about Rhea Chakraborty’s absence in it and also slammed the makers for unethically removing the actress from the film.

After much wait, finally the makers unveiled the first poster of the much awaited crime thriller film Chehre which features Amitabh BachchanEmraan HashmiAnu Kapoor Bengali actor Dhritiman Chatterjee, along with marking the big bollywood debut of the stunning TV actress Krystle D’souza who is also seen in the film’s poster but Rhea’s face is nowhere to be seen in there. They also announced the film’s release date.

The film will be hitting the theatre screens on 29th April 2021. But the thing which immediately attracted eyeballs of the netizens on social media is Rhea’s absence from the film poster, post which the Twitteratis couldn’t really hold themselves back and ended up asking if bonafide TV star Krystle D’souza has indeed ended up replacing Rhea Chakraborty in the movie and also incessantly slammed the makers for not even tagging her in the movie credits.

In a recent interview byte with a renowned film journalist for a leading digital entertainment portal, a close friend of the actress was quoted saying, “Not even  in her wildest dream had Rhea  anticipated this snub. After all that she had gone through in 2020 she was somehow trying to piece together her  life  again…only to be rudely awakened to this. She is not welcome  in Bollywood,it seems”.

When asked her about how has she taken this blow, on this Rhea’s friend told, “After what she went through, do  you think this snub would shatter her? Not at all. She has  fought many hurdles during the  last year. She would fight this one too”.

Earlier as well a source who is close to the makers in their exclusive interview chat with a leading digital bollywood entertainment portal had revealed, “See Chehre has well-known names in its cast like Amitabh Bachchan and Emraan Hashmi. But apart from them the film also features Rhea Chakraborty. Now given the scenario over the past couple of months anything remotely related to Rhea has been making headlines. Though it is rather brutal to say that monetary advantage is being taken of unsavoury truths, it is the harsh reality of business. Essentially, the OTT platform could be looking at the fact that since Chehre also stars Rhea Chakraborty, audiences from across the spectrum will be drawn to watch the film for different motives”.