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Why Nick Jonas Named Priyanka Chopra’s Restaurant ‘Sona’?

Priyanka Chopra reveals that her husband Nick Jonas had chosen the name of her restaurant and also tells the significance behind it.

Priyanka Chopra recently announced the opening of her restaurant in New York City. It has been named Sona and serves Indian cuisines. On the day of its launch, Priyanka shared a few pictures of the ambiance and the delicious food it serves. And in the caption, she also revealed why she has named her restaurant ‘Sona’.

Well, it’s not Priyanka but her American husband Nick Jonas who came up with this name. The Desi girl told, “Hubby came up with the name at an early tasting with the team, as Sona means “gold,” and he had heard that word in India, well…A LOT, throughout our wedding!”

Unfortunately, Priyanka could not attend the opening of her own restaurant. She said, “We’re opening following all NYC and NY State safety guidelines to ensure you have a night to remember. I’m devastated I’m not there to celebrate, but I’m definitely there in heart and spirit…and on FaceTime.”

Well, the residents of New York must be very thrilled to dine in Priyanka’s restaurant. 

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